Intoxicated Poem.

Grew up always thinking that I'm this prodigy kid.
All this confidence boosted me up to this point where im here.
But lately I've been feeling drained out & insignificant
And these fake talks with fake people is not really helping it.

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A Nap

I opened my room door, and took a short nap today.

When I thought I’ve woken up, my body was completely paralyzed. I could not move at all. It was as if my body was moulded into metal.
So heavy, that I could not even lift my head up.

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Excess thoughts

There's only limited amount of time for all of us.

Some read life
Some watch life
Some actually live life

And I


think, what we do with our lives, might not really matter..


i dont even know.

When the two worlds collided
Only one were supposed to survive

(sigh), eternity is such a long time to reminisce and look back at all the mistakes you've made. The sole purpose of my entity was just to learn how to coexist. and yet here I am, in this pitch black darkness. Alone .. and Cold

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